We invite you, the Shilla Duty Free Members 
to the TREASURE Seoul Concert,
which meets with local fans after a year.

  • Event Period

    8th of November 2023~21th of November 2023

  • Eligibility

    Shilla Duty Free Store Members who have applied within the event period

  • Event Prize

    TREASURE Concert ticket 1 person 2 tickets

  • Winners

    24th of November 2023 (Expected)
    (Winners will be notified individually)

When you participate after agreeing to the terms
and conditions below, the application is complete

  • ※ Please update your personal information to the latest for us
    to contact winners and deliver the prize.
  • ※ The applicant's passport is required for verification.
    Prizes will be awarded only to the participant.
Personal Information Collection and Usage Agreement

  • · Items : Name, E-mail Address, Passport number, Contact Information
  • · Purpose : Winner Announcement and Prize Delivery (In case of prize delivery, winners will be notified on the delivery by the same number)
  • · Retention Period : Destroyed immediately after prize is given,
    (In case of non-winners, it is destroyed immediately after selection of winners)

    You have the rights to disagree on the Personal Information Collection and Usage Agreement. However, in case of disagreement, you may be restricted from participating in the event.
  • For event winners, prize delivery will be consigned to COLEO MARKETING GROUP.
  • [Notice]
    • • The Shilla Duty Free Shop is responsible for providing information, responsibilities, and taxes related to this event. (Shilla Duty Free Shop bears taxes and the public utilities' charge)
  • [Concert Overview]
    • Name of Concert: 2023 TREASURE CONCERT [REBOOT] IN SEOUL
    • Date of Concert: 15th of Dec 2023~ 17th of Dec 2023
    • Concert Location: KSPO DOME
    • Host/Organizer: YG Entertainment
    • ※ For more information:
  • [Information on Prize Winners]
    • Offline tickets must be picked up on the day of the concert at the “YG Entertainment” ticket booth at the venue.
    • The ticket booth opens 3 hours before the concert, and tickets must be picked up 30 minutes before the concert.
    • This concert has an all-reserved seating system.
    • Seat locations are randomly assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, and seat selection or exchange is not possible.
    • In order to receive an offline ticket, you must bring a physical identification card that can verify your identity as a winner and a screen showing winning details (screen capture is not allowed). If you are not the winner, you will not be able to receive the ticket.
    • If you are watching with a companion, both the winner and their companion must visit the ticket booth together.
    • Transfer/resale of offline tickets is absolutely not allowed. If caught, your event winnings will be canceled immediately, and you will be disqualified from being eligible to apply for all invitation events for future YG ENTERTAINMENT performances.
    • This performance is for ages 7 and older. Those under the age are not permitted to enter, even if they have a ticket.
    • It is expected that it will take a long time to receive offline tickets due to congestion at the pick-up window, so please arrive with plenty of time to receive your tickets. (The host/organizer is not responsible for any damage such as delayed admission due to late receipt of tickets.)
    • Pregnant women, the elderly, and those with health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, or anemia should be cautious when viewing. Despite the above guidance, if a medical accident occurs due to excessive viewing, it may be recognized as your own negligence.
    • For further information regarding admission and concert viewing, please check YG’s official website.

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