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Benefits in detail
Purchase over $150 $20
Purchase over $250 $40
Purchase over $400 $70
Purchase over $600 $105
Purchase over $800 $150
Purchase over $1,000 $175
Purchase over $1,400 $277
Purchase over $2,000 $395
  • 1. Mileages and Online S rewards can be used within the limit of each product.
  • 2. The above benefit is valid only for a day and expires at the end of the day.
  • 3. There may be limitations on using the mileages for items from certain brands. (CARLYN, PRADA B.T.Q, DIOR COS., etc.)
  • 4. You can check your mileage points on the 'My Shilla' page.
  • 5. Korean, Chinese, Taiwan and Japanese customers can not participate in this event

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    Note when purchasing duty free items

    • Purchase and exemption limit
      - There is no purchase limit for foreigners leaving Korea.
    • Bringing duty-free items to Korea
      - When entering Korea, if you exceed the allowable duty-free limit of travel, you must pay the tax after voluntarily declaring to customs.
      - If not declared voluntarily, additional tax may be levied or subject to penalties under the customs law.
      - When entering Korea by carrying duty-free items, the total amount of duty-free purchase is up to $ 600.
    • Exchange/refund
      - You can request an exchange refund via international mail directly from overseas. If you enter Korea with more than $ 600 of duty-free goods, you will be entitled to an exchange refund only by declaring your goods at the customs office.
    • Guides on the tax amount
      - When the goods are imported exceeding the exemption range, the estimated tax amount can be checked through "Customs tax website" (www.customs.go.kr) with "Estimation of estimated tax amount".