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MONTBLANC’s history begins in 1906 with the launch of the innovative fountain pen by 3 businessmen in Hamburg. For the past 100 years, MONTBLANC has been a symbol of writing materials and has become a brand for of successful businessmen with dignity. Meisterstuck, launched in 1924 has become a global icon and represents MONTBLANC’s classic beauty, and eternal quality. Today, MONTBLANC is not just a writing material, but a brand which loves arts and culture showing its distinct craftsmanship, inheritable quality and designed leather products, watches and jewelry. Watches in particular have developed tremendously during the past decades and are compatible against traditional Swiss watch makers with its own movement and time transgressive value. MONTBLANC watches are hand made by artisans in the Le Locle manufacture and their value is added by its iconic design. Mont Blanc is also the name for Europe’s tallest mountain with perpetual snow, and its star logo of snow filled mountains represents the best quality and value.


Product details

Product details
Material CALF SKIN
Size 4 x 8cm
Caution 1. Package Service will be processed if you write it on the at the stage of payment. For the mean time, it is hard to discover the requests from Q&A or Product Review. Package services are not applied to the bags. Ribbon Service has been terminated.

2. Personalization Services (Engraving & Embossing) are not provided in Duty-Free. After receiving the product, you can get the repair service with extra charge at Montblanc Boutique.
As long as the personalization services are offered, it will take extra ₩35,000 for the leather products and ₩25,000 for the pens.
While it may take about 2-3 weeks depending on the conditions of the Boutique you visit, we recommend you call the following Boutique before the visit.

3. Montblanc’s leather is 100% made in Italy. However, the country of origin may vary from Italy to Germany and Spain depending on where it was processed. Country of origin cannot be selected but distributed randomly.
Any inquiries about exchanging and refunding duty-free products can be made only at the purchased store which is not valid at Boutique.

In addition, the following services are not provided at Boutique.
- Belt Strap Cutting Service
- Packaging Service
- Personalization Services (Engraving & Embossing) can be processed with extra charge.
※ After receiving the product, personalization services will be processed with extra charge at the Boutique. Warranty paper is required on the following process as well.

Please be aware that some products may not have the personalization services.

※ Glazing from leather products may be cracked or peeled off by the moisture, dirt, and friction.

The following information is not part of a purchase warranty and Montblanc does not provide any extra glazing service.

1. All of Montblanc leather products are made with natural leather. Small scratches on the surface of the material, leather grain and slight difference in color are a unique feature of natural leather and this cannot be considered as a product defect.

Montblanc Leather products are natural material that is sensitive to the effects of light, humidity and water. To keep your leather product in perfect condition and prevent the color from fading, Montblanc recommends protecting it from prolonged exposure to high temperatures and direct sunlight.

Contact with rain or water may cause stains or the leather part may cause deformations such as swelling. In this case, you should immediately tap Germany,ITALY/SPAIN

National size guide Details

Key Fob made of black European full-grain cowhide with unique Montblanc deep shine, and a Montblanc emblem with palladium-coated ring


    1. Getting exchanges and refunds for duty free items is only possible according to the Customs Law, therefore you are strongly recommended to check the product at the duty free pick-up place. 

    2. Free A/S is provided for product defect within the warranty period. Any other A/S and warranty services are charged with a fee.    

    3. Please beware that you must leave a note at the <Note> section of the payment stage for the wrapping service.    

    (In case of a mobile, click on the departure details to leave a note)    

    Wrapping service is not provide for bags, refills and watch products. Please take this into consideration for your shopping.    

    4. Case may get damaged during delivery process.    

    5. Engraving service is not provided at the Duty-Free Shop.    

    You may get engraved at the Montblanc Boutique in department stores by bringing the product and warranty statement with you. The service will be charged with a fee.    

    A fee of 35,000KRW for leather products and 25,000KRW for pen products will be charged for the products that could receive engraving. (only initial engraving is possible for the leather products)    

    It could take from two weeks to three weeks, which could change depending on the circumstances of the boutique. Please contact the boutique before visiting.    

    6. Strap cutting service is not provided for the belt. (Please refer to the self-cutting manual. Not possible at the department store.)    

    7. All the leathers originate from Italy. The place of origin changes depending on where the leather was processes lastly. (Italy, Germany, Spain)(It is not possible to choose the place of origin).    

    8. Emblem is a circular logo which embodied 6 valley on the mountain. It does not have additional apex.    

    As the emblem is attached manually by operating a machine which puts pressure to fix the emblem on the product, the location could get out a little from the center.    

    9. A/S request cannot be made at the duty-free shop. Please bring the warranty statement with you and visit the nearest Montblanc Boutique.    

    10. Koreans departing abroad could purchase up to $5000.    

    Up to $600 of the products you bought abroad, including the once you bought from duty-free shop, are tax free. If you bought more than $600, report to the customs and pay the tax.    

    Following the Customs Act and related laws, it is not possible to get refunded for the products that costs over $600 after the entrance.    

    If you want a refund for a product that cost over $600, you have put it in custody with the customs or make a request through international mail from abroad after departing from Korea. (Only the new products that were not used could get refunded)    

    Please check on the for more information on the tax and estimated tax.    

    11. The caution details are not provided at the store.  


A/S Service

     * You have to provide a tax payment receipt with the product when you make a request for an A/S of a product purchased at the Duty-Free shop which exceeds the value of $600 due to the Korean Customs Law.

    Free warranty is not possible when there’s no receipt of tax payment (In compliance with the related laws and the Publication of the Korea Customs Service)

Image details

Please read

  • 1. All the products were taken of the real thing. The material of the product may differ slightly from the actual image due to shooting conditions and monitor installation. The final color is based on the actual product.
  • 2. Depending on the benefit condition, the final payment amount of The Shilla Online Duty Free Shop and The Shilla Duty Free Offline Shop may be different.
  • 3. By customs laws and related notices, we can not exchange goods after receipt of duty-free goods.
  • 4. After the order is submitted, the order may be cancelled due to problems with the product or the order.
  • 5. After product receipt, if there is a problem with the product, please contact the Customer service directly.
  • 6. If you can not receive the item ordered by customer's circumstances We will cancel the order within 10 days from departure date. After canceling your order, we will return the full amount refund within 15 days to the customer's account used at the time of payment.

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