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Based on the concept of 「Beauty and health」 are from the same origin, ISDG develops products with deep thought of tradition, wisdom and nature.

We aim to make a beautiful and healthy culture by emphasizing the true beauty and the importance of health through our supplements made of selected 232 kinds of vegetables and fruits.

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Product details

Product details
Manufacturer and Location Japan
Manufacture Date, Expiration Date 3 years from the date of manufacture. The expiration date is marked on each product seperately.
Weight, Quantity 37.2g(310mg×120ea)
Raw Material and Content See the note.
Nutrition Informaion One Serving Per Day: 2~4 tablets.
Per 2~4 tablets: 620~1240mg: Energy 2.55~5.11kcal, Protein 0.036~0.072g, Fat 0.048~0.096g, Carbohydrate 0.49~0.98g, Sodium chloride equivalent 0.0002~0.0004g
Function Information • 232 kinds of fermentation plant , yeast and Koji(malted rice).
• Supports your beauty and to be slim
Amount of Intake, How to Intake, Caution Intake 2-4 tablets per day with warm water.
Please check the ingredients before intake for any allergies or idiosyncrasies. Children, pregnant women, and lactating women should avoid to intake. If you are restricted to diet or on a medication, please consult your doctor before intake.
No Drug Medicine Mark This product is not for medical purpose use of preventing or treatment of diseases.
Genetically Modified Food Flag N/A
Preliminary Reviewed for Labeling and Advertising N/A
Imported Food Flag N/A
ftc.Default-G_FOODCLASS.name Health Functional Food

National size guide Details

 *Ingredients : 

 brown sugar,Apple,malted brown rice,oligosaccharides,tomato,cabbage,broccoli,banana,peach,Ginseng,persimmon,kelp,Sargassum fusiforme,sweet corn,kiwi,soybean,Vitis coignetiae,radish,pumpkin,burdock,pineapple,Prunus Mume,Lotus root,cucumber,Solanum melongena,grape,Orange,lemon,Spinacia oleracea ,green pepper,Brassica rapa var. perviridis,Bok Choy,asparagus,celery,paprika,mugwort ,strawberry,Blueberry,red onion,grifola frondosa,Pleurotus eryngii ,Lentinula edodes,Agaricus bisporus ,white kidney bean,white hanamame,scarlet runner bean,Red kidney bean,rice bran,amaranth,Red rice,Black rice,quinoa,Sorghum bicolor,glutinous millet ,sticky millet,prune,figs,turmeric,Undaria pinnatifida, Auricularia auricula-judae,barley leaves,lime,Ginkgo,coffee,cocoa,jasmine,Eucommia ulmoides,ginger,shiso,Zingiber mioga,Pea Shoot,white radish sprouts,Parsley,bitter melon,Japanese parsley,Cryptotaenia canadensis ,kale,Plantago asiatica,horsetail,loquat leaf,Acer maximowiczianum,mulberry leaves,cumin,Laurel,butterbur,canola ,gardenia fruit,root kelp,basil,evening primrose,persimmon leaves,Ginkgo biloba leaf,guava leaves,Cypress,Zanthoxylum piperitum,nutmeg,mint,Citron,kumquat,PEAR,Citrus iyo,Pseudocydonia sinensis ,small onion,mustard sprouts,white asparagus,Tricholoma japonicum ,Ganoderma lucidum ,corchorus,Rubus,Blackberry,Angelica, shikokiana,Makino,Mallotus,Pteridium aquilinum,Sasa veitchii,eyebright,Fucus,Sargassum horneri,watermelon,purple wheat,Allium chinense ,Prince melon,Prunus salicina,Rubus buergeri,vitamins vegetables,Matteuccia struthiopteris ,Giant Butterbur ,Aralia elata ,Morella rubra,akebia,Rubus hirsutus,Fragaria ananassa,Rubus crataegifolius,Cornus officinalis ,Cherry blossom ,Oleaster,sudachi,Cabos,Orange,avocado,Acerola,pear,Camucamu,acai,turnip,onion,Wasabi,bean sprouts,Potato,sweet potato,Colocasia esculenta,garlic,Chinese cabbage,Crown Daisy,lettuce,butterbur,Brassica rapa ,lettuce,lettuce,Red cabbage,Red Leaf Lettuce ,chives,green onion,cauliflower,edible chrysanthemum,bamboo shoots,taro stem ,Aralia cordata,Cucumis melo ,winter melon,sweet pepper,Zucchini,okra,Angelica keiskei,chicory,cassava ,Red beet,yacon,Medicago sativa,beets,purple potatoes,Raphanus sativus,green pea,Glycyrrhiza,Houttuynia cordata ,silvervine,Rosemary,catuaba,carqueja,Tabebuia spp,Echinodorus Macrophyllus, patadevaca, Pavia,Lemongrass,Mate,stevia,Guarana,cottonseed,PEDRA HUME CAA,Uncaria tomentosa,cinnamon,Gynostemma pentaphyllum,clove,Curcuma zedoaria ,Foeniculum vulgare ,muira puama leaves,Picao Preto,Brazil nuts,almonds,cashew nuts,Sesame,Vigna angularis,green soybeans,pea,purple bean,black sesame seeds,black bean,Cicer arientium,lentil,Flammulina velutipes,pine mushroom,Agaricus subrufescens ,laver ,Nemacystus decipiens,Ulva,akassa,barley,adlay,Proso millet ,Echinochloa esculenta ,foxtail millet,Avena sativa ,rye,rice,Saccharum officinarum ,dextrin,L-Carnitine Fumarate,Plectranthus barbatus ,barley,foxtail millet,Echinochloa esculenta ,Proso millet ,Sorghum bicolor,Black rice,Rice,baker’s yeast,D‐sorbitol,cellulose,sucrose esters of fatty acids,silicon dioxide ,shellac

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  • 6. If you can not receive the item ordered by customer's circumstances We will cancel the order within 10 days from departure date. After canceling your order, we will return the full amount refund within 15 days to the customer's account used at the time of payment.

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