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Product details

Product details
Product Name, Model Name 8809091603372 NON-TOUCH SCAN THERMOMETER RYAN
KCC Certified Item confirmation No. 17-4636
Rated Voltage, Power Consumption 3.0Vd.c.
Release Date of Same Model 2020.10
Size, Weight [Main Body] Approx. 14*3.1cm / [Safety Cap] Approx. 4.5*3.3*3.5cm
Main Spec -Self-checking mode
- Temperature checking mode
- Object temperature mode
- Color screen light
Quality Assurance Standard For product defects, exchange or compensation will be made according to the standards of Consumer Dispute set by the Resolution Fair Trade Commission.
Volume(Weight), Quantity Approx. 52g(without battery)

National size guide Details

Usage Method (temperature measurement)
STEP 1. Hold the thermometer 2~3cm away from the forehead and press the measure button. Hold the measure button and move the machine from forehead towards the temple for 3~4 seconds. When the sensor is place in front of the temple, remove your finger from the measure button.
STEP 2. After placing the sensor on the temple, hold on the measure button and wait until the measurement sound is made before removing the machine.
STEP 3. Check the measured temperature from the screen. The machine automatically turns off when it's not used for 1 minute.
Usage Method (on object)
STEP 1. Change the mode to object temperature mode. Place the machine 2~3cm away from the object and measure the temperature.
STEP 2. Check the measured temperature from the screen. The inner screen-light turns on to show the measured temperature. The machine automatically turns off when it's not used for 1 minute.
- Components: machine, protection cap, CR2032 coin-type battery
- Material: ABS, etc.
- Usable age: All age
- Cautions before usage
1. Please use the product in temperature ranging between 15ºc ~ 40ºc.
2. Do not expose the product in a condition with a temperature of 25ºc below zero or 70ºc. Also, do not expose the product to a humidity below 15% or above 90%.
3. If there's a problem with the measured temperature, please contact a medical specialist.
4. Discontinue the usage if the product is broken or does not work normally and contact the place of purchase or an authorized dealer for a repair.
5. Do not dismantle or fix the product on your own.
6. We are not responsible for the damage and malfunction caused by dismantling the product.
7. Please remove the battery from the product if you are not using the product for a long time.
8. Please dispose the used battery appropriately after exchanging it with a new one.
9. Do not directly use the product to a heater or fire.
10. Please follow the safety rules if you are using the product directly on a baby or children.
- Cautions during usage
1. The temperature could be measured wrongly if you do not follow the usage method.
2. Please keep the lid on when you store the product to prevent the sensor from getting damaged or contaminated.
3. We are not responsible for the damage and malfunction caused by dismantling the product.
4. The product could malfunction or break when a moisture gets infused into the machine.
5. Please use the right mode for measuring temperature of a person and of an object.
6. The measurement could turn out wrong when you press the measure button while checking the screen.
7. Place the sensor on the right area, remove your finger from the button and check the screen after the measuring sound is made.
※ The measured temperature cannot replace the medical treatment or consultation by medical specialist. If there's a problem with the temperature, please contact a medical specialist.

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