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SAMSONITE is the global leader for best quality and durability, unique design and style for travelers and travel brands. Found by Jesse Schneider in 1910, SAMSONITE has fulfilled the needs of sophisticated travelers in lifestyles and journeys centered in Europe.

SAMSONITE place durability first but it also recruits world’s best designers and develops practical products with unique designs. With its plentiful designs for over 100 years, SAMSONITE delivers its motto of “Life is a journey” with its black label and classic label products.


Product details

Product details
Size 29.0 x 39.0 x 6.5cm
Manufacturer Samsonite Korea
Caution *In the case of a suitcase, please purchase after making inquiries regarding secondary baggage handling after opening the box.
1. Suitcase (for ABS and PP)
- When cleaning the surface, wipe it with a sponge or cloth dampened with synthetic detergent or soap.
- When not in use, be sure to store it upright.
- Be careful as it may be deformed if placed near a fire.
- Do not apply excessive shock.
  2. In case of fabric and synthetic leather
- When drying, dry in the shade.
- Avoid use in oily places as much as possible.
- When removing dirt, use a cloth or sponge soaked in soapy water, and there is no need for shoe polish or other restorative oil.
  - Do not leave for a long time in an enclosed space with a strong moisture remover.
3. In case of natural leather
- When wet, drying directly in direct sunlight or heat may cause deterioration, so please dry in a well-ventilated shade.
  - You can use the product for a long time if you clean it with leather-only cream or cold cream about 3 times a week.
  - When contaminated, wash with leather-only cream or cold cream, and never use general detergent or benzol.
- When storing, avoid places with high temperature or humidity.
- Wipe with a dry towel or other soft cloth.
Quality Assurance Standard Limited Warranty 1~2 years (Differs by products)
* Regardless of the warranty period, receiving purchased product services may be impossible or charged in accordance with the area and extent of the damages.
Manufacturing country China

National size guide


     * We would like to inform you that cancelling an order of a luggage(carrier bag) due to extra fees charged for the secondary luggage handling service will not be accepted after opening the box. 

    * Recently, due to delays in flight departure time, more airlines do not provide secondary baggage handling service in front of the gate. For this reason, purchasing check- in luggage is not recommended when you are taking an airplane from Korean Air(KE)Asiana Airplane (OZ), China Eastern (MU), China Southern Airlines(CZ), Tianjin Airlines(GS), Air China(CA), Cathay Pacific(CX), or Lufthansa Airline(LH). Therefore, please contact your airline directly to get the latest information before you make an oder. 
    1. All the purchased products can be released immediately at the Duty-Free Pick-up Counter regardless of a sign of 'Do Not Open', and please enquiry to the Duty-Free Pick-up Counter staff for any issues of product defect(s). 
    2. Other than the products(luggage) marked '55/20' on its name, the luggage can be checked at the boarding gate upon request. However, some airlines such as Lufthansa Airlines(LH) does not provide such service. Therefore, please be advised on that and make an inquiry before any purchasing of luggage.
    3. The number of free luggage(Number,Weight) allowance to check at the boarding gate differs between each airline. Please refer to the related airline policy regarding extra fees before purchasing. 
    4. In case of transfer flights with an additional baggage, there is a possibility of different regulations for an additional baggage from transfer flights therefore please inquires an additional cost by contacting related-airlines. 
    5. Even if the luggage fits the size limit of carry-on luggage, it may be prohibited in accordance with the respective airlines and circumstances. 
    6. If the total summed-up length of the 3 sides(Width, Length and Height) exceeds 158cm, overcharge will be imposed for the excessive size of the luggage. 
    7. During the handling process, scratch and contamination can be occurred. It is recommended to purchase a cover for the baggage together to minimize the damage. Most of the products except for the Samsonite's Black Label items do not come with its own cover. 
    8. The Exchange and Refund is not possible for the luggage damages occurred during the baggage handling process. Any compensation claims for damages due to airline carelessness should be against the airline company.
    9. The baggage with a dial keypad attached does not come with a separate key even if there is a key hole. After setting the password, the baggage can be locked. The baggage's initial password is number 0 - 0 - 0 and it will be opened by pushing the square part of the keyhole sideway or by moving the arrow direction on the lock. 
    10. The baggage has a zipper on its inner bottom cloth without a zipper ring/strap. This is not a product defect since it is not for the customer use but for a repair needed. 
    11. A Lithium-ion battery(s)(extra batteries) cannot be carried within the baggage. Be highly cautious for those who purchase the baggage(travel bags) at the Duty-Free stores not to put any battery(s) in the baggage. 
    12. Contaminations on wheels of unused suitcases are not regarded as a product defect since the contaminants occur during the manufacturing process. (Some of ingredients such as chalk are in the PU materials, and these may occasionally cause the contaminations on wheels.)
    13. Regardless of the warranty period, accessories(baggage cover, pillow, baggage belt, lock etc.) are not applied for any repair service(s). 
    14. Be cautious of all the products that are exposed to rain and water may cause discoloration or pigment. In addition, use of powerful strain remover(s) can also cause distortion of the product(s). 
    15. It is recommended to use a wool shampoo or a neutral detergent to remove strains for fabric and use a leather-only cleaner for leather product. Depending on the type or degree of contamination, it may not completely remove. It is not possible to claim manufacturer for the cleaning since it is the customer's responsibility for cleaning. 
    16. In the case of duty-free products, components may differ from local products according to carry-on regulations.
    Each airline has different carry-on regulations, so be sure to check the regulations of the airline you are using before purchasing. 

Image details

Please read

  • 1. All the products were taken of the real thing. The material of the product may differ slightly from the actual image due to shooting conditions and monitor installation. The final color is based on the actual product.
  • 2. Depending on the benefit condition, the final payment amount of The Shilla Online Duty Free Shop and The Shilla Duty Free Offline Shop may be different.
  • 3. By customs laws and related notices, we can not exchange goods after receipt of duty-free goods.
  • 4. After the order is submitted, the order may be cancelled due to problems with the product or the order.
  • 5. After product receipt, if there is a problem with the product, please contact the Customer service directly.
  • 6. If you can not receive the item ordered by customer's circumstances We will cancel the order within 10 days from departure date. After canceling your order, we will return the full amount refund within 15 days to the customer's account used at the time of payment.

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