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ACROPASS Trouble Cure* 24 patches

REF.NO 트러블큐어 대용량 24패치 / SKU.NO 747010000014

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Acropass is comprised of Acro-, meaning first, and pass, meaning to go across.
Conventional patches were unable to fully deliver their remedial effects into the skin due to skin resistance. However with Acropass’ microstructure technology(DDS, Drug Delivery System), all the medicinal effects can pass through the skin without causing any pain. This is a world-first commercialized application of this technology.

Furthermore, Rapahs’ DAB (Droplet-born Air Blowing) technology is the cutting-edge microstructure production method that does not require heat processing or result in deformation of the ingredients – it holds many promises in the fields of enzyme applications, vaccines, etc. as well as in cosmetics.


Product details

Product details
Weight,Volume Trouble Cure Needle Patch 24, Skin Cleanser 12
Main Specification For all skin types
Expiration Date Immediately after opening
Directions 1. Use Acropass Skin Cleanser to cleanse where you want to care. 2. Remove the white film, being careful not to touch the center part. 3. After applying the patch to the desired area, press it vertically using your fingers. Be careful not to push on it. 4. It is recommended to attach for at least 2 hours at a time.
Manufacturer, Distributor RAPHAS
Ingredients Sodium Hyaluronate,Niacineamide,Oxidized Glutathione,Ascorbic Acid,Arbutin,Water,Citric Acid
Functional Cosmetic N/A
Caution [CAUTION USAGE] [1] Consult with a dermatologist if any allergic skin reaction osuch as rashes, sweling, itching or irrtation occurs after or while using the product due to exposure to direct sunlight..[2] Do not apply on wounded area [3] CAUTION STORAGE AND DISPOSALS (a)Keep it out of reach of children (b) Keep away from direct sunlight (c) Avoid applying around eyes (d) Use immediately after opening (e) Do not re-use the patch to avoid functional/hygenic problem. (f) If you have severe irritation to the stick or poultice, be careful when using it.
Quality Assurance Standard For product defects, compensation will be made according the standards of Consumer Dispute set by the Resolution Fair Trade Commission
ftc.Default-G_MADE_DATE.name Marked Seperately
Manufacturing country South Korea

National size guide Details

Acne care needle patch that has been judged suitable for acne-prone skin

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