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My baby’s premium Bamboobebe
My baby's premium Bamboo-Bebe, with delicate love and devotion to every child's daily life, it is made from clean bamboo fibers grown only in sunlight and moisture.
Made by Bamboobebe
It is not a product that you see with your eyes, but a product that you see with your mind and heart. With the care of the mother's happiness and the baby's health, we focuses on the materials that touch the skin rather than flashy designs, and think about things that are safe for babies rather than pretty. Because it is a product that babies bite and suck, in order to minimize the printing and reduce skin irritation, the seam is designed to avoid the baby's movement, and the tag is hidden so that it does not touch the baby's skin. In design, it is important to keep elements essential to a child's daily life and emotions rather than splendor seen with the naked eye.
Safety & Well-being
Bamboo Bebe is a product that is harmless to babies and is certified by Oeko-tex Standard 100 as a finished product every year.
Logo story
It is a new BI that contains only the initial intentions of Bambubebe as it is with the mind of thinking of babies. The circle symbol in succession symbolizes a mother with her baby. It also means B of Bambubebe, who cares about babies and mothers. The heart for nature is included in the main colors (yellow green and brown).
 Bamboo Bebe Care mother, baby and the nature.

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