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S.T. Dupont is a Paris-based brand name and manufacturer of lighters, collectible pens, handbags, perfumes, cigarettes, and recently other gadgets using the trademark diamond-head pattern. The company has been producing luxury items since its founding in 1872. The founder of the brand, Simon Tissot-Dupont, was born in Savoy in 1847, and the company owes its initials to him.

S.T. Dupont is a luxury brand world renowned for producing from exquisite fountain pens and sophisticated leather briefcases to elegant lighters and stylish cufflinks, every design is testament to the brand's passion for creating 'objects of desire coveted by the elite’/ Focusing on exceptional quality and meticulous attention to detail, S.T. Dupont is the perfect marriage between tradition and innovation. Each item is skillfully crafted and hand-finished in France to the highest standards, resulting in a fantastic gift destined to be passed down from generation to generation.

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Product details

Product details
Manufacturer S.T.DUPONT / S.J.DUKO
Caution * Please read the below information before you purchase a lighter (information regarding refunds or exchanges)

- Please note that cling sound of S.T.DUPONT Lighter, made during manufacturing process, may differ depending on each item. Therefore, refunds or exchanges for this reason will not be available.
- The pitch and vibrations of cling sound may not be the same. Therefore, the quality of the cling sound can not be judged as a good sound or a bad sound.
- As you are already aware of, a lighter is a portable device used to create a flame. Accordingly, the quality of a lighter is irrelevant to the sound.
- A lighter is a portable device used to create a flame, and to ignite a variety of combustible materials,
- As all lighters from S.T.DUPONT are handcrafted, items may have some scratches which can not be a reason for exchanges or refunds.
- Due to the characteristics of the item, exchanges/refunds are not available after you use a lighter or for product defect(s) caused by customer's mishandling.
- Please use only lighters refill from S.T.DUPONT. (Purchasing gas, a flint available at the department store)
- Please note that for product defect(s) found to be caused by customer's mishandling, repair fees will be charged regardless of the warranty period. In addition, for products without the warranty card, repair fees will also be charged.
- Please note that screw from the pin, attached inside of the cap, may fall out due to the power and vibrations used when you open or close a lighter. This is not regarded as a product defect(s).
-Please make sure to use the power evenly on the pin when open the cap, from the side to the body, in parallel. Do not open the cap from the edge(corner) as the pin may breake due to the shape deformation of the cap or one-sided wear.
- Please note that as lighters from S.T.DUPONT are glod plated, it may peeled off or discolored.
- Please note that items made of or plated with silver, exposure to oxygen may cause discoloration. Therefore, cleaning the item regularly is required.
- Please note that lacquered items may be cracked or smashed when strong force is used. A/S for damages on the surface of a lighter (discoloration, scratch, broken locker) will be not available.
Quality Assurance Standard Belt buckle, accessory, pen, lighter 2 years. - Leather goods (bags, purses, belt straps, etc.) 6 months. * However, it is excluded if it is caused by deliberate damage, shock, water damage. - For re-plating and gloss of metal products, sound of lighter (clinking sound), A/S is not available. - Warranty card must be presented when repairing. (3-4 weeks for domestic repairs and at least 3 months for French repairs)

Types Pen
Manufacturing country France

National size guide


    ※ S.T.DUPONT NOTICE Lighter Purchase Notice * A lighter is delivered with no gas in it in accordance with a customs law, and please use only a DUPONT original gas. (Purchasing a gas at a department store is recommended.) * Fire-related dangerous goods (such as a lighter) cannot be carried in a baggage when leaving Korea through Jeju international airport. * In case that a customer travels to Japan, Philippines and Middle East countries, it may be impossible to carry a lighter. (Confiscation at customs) * In case that a customer travels to Korea or other countries from China, Philippines and Japan; a lighter may be prohibited to bring in at the airport. (Especially it will mostly be confiscated as transferring to Europe or Middle East countries) * Regulations above can change at any time and can be different depending on airports and the airlines, therefore, be highly advised to check it in advance from related airports and airlines.

Repairs Service

     ■ Customer Service Notice
    - Every DUPONT product has a warranty and a customer can have a free-customer service in case of the product confirmed as target of a free-customer service.
    - The damage of leather part of a wallet or a belt caused by general use cannot be a target of Exchange, Refund or Return regardless of a warranty period; a special care as using it is needed. It can be repaired by a customer expense if necessary.
    - Customer Service for the products caused by a customer may be charged to a customer irrespective of a warranty period.
    - It usually takes about 3 to 4 weeks when repairs in Korea, and 3 months in France.

    ■ Free-Customer Service period: 6 months in leather products and 1 year in accessories/pens/lighters/belt buckles.
    ■ Goods out of a free customer service or goods impossible in service
    - It is impossible for a customer service in case of dented, scratched or damaged product of following goods, a lighter, a belt, accessary lacquer, a metal material one.
    - A customer service for lighter cling sound is not possible.
    - No customer service for worn-out part(s) or changed leather(s) of a belt, a wallet or a bag.
    ※ The targets of goods not possible in customer service can be different depending on sorts or conditions of products.
    ■ Customer Service Contact Detail: 02-548-9792
    ■ Others: Please note that a printed sales receipt and a warranty card is required when you request for after sales service. Please visit the nearest duty-free store or a department store (classic (shirts) stores are not available) to requrest for the service. Please note that without the printed receipt of an item, request will not be accepted. 

Image details

Please read

  • 1. All the products were taken of the real thing. The material of the product may differ slightly from the actual image due to shooting conditions and monitor installation. The final color is based on the actual product.
  • 2. Depending on the benefit condition, the final payment amount of The Shilla Online Duty Free Shop and The Shilla Duty Free Offline Shop may be different.
  • 3. By customs laws and related notices, we can not exchange goods after receipt of duty-free goods.
  • 4. After the order is submitted, the order may be cancelled due to problems with the product or the order.
  • 5. After product receipt, if there is a problem with the product, please contact the Customer service directly.
  • 6. If you can not receive the item ordered by customer's circumstances We will cancel the order within 10 days from departure date. After canceling your order, we will return the full amount refund within 15 days to the customer's account used at the time of payment.

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